Since the new millennium began, humanity is experiencing a turn of eras. Our collective way of using resources has reached a level that threatens our survival as a species. How we allocate, exchange, and use resources is deeply flawed because we are using a dysfunctional system for assigning value to things: the so-called fiat money system.

Instead of being a neutral ruler to measure the relative value of resource, fiat money is monopolistic, authoritarian, and unfair. A tiny minority, not democratically elected has absolute control over the supply and price of money for everybody else – favoring those who are close to the spigot.

Even worse, it is bowing to political pressures since it came into being half a century ago: fiat money is closely linked to oil (“petrodollar”), responsible for unfair and largely useless ‘foreign aid’ programs (“Gladstein”), and finally incites overconsumption and health problems to most of humanity due to its never ending decay in value.

Originating from a single country, fiat money evolved into a global problem to which there is no easy way out because the conflicts of political and financial interests of governments and (central) banks run so deep that there is not much hope that we will reach a better solution through the mechanisms of trade or politics.

But there is hope.

What emerged from an obscure corner of the Internet called the cypherpunks rose in one and a half decades into a global phenomenon: Bitcoin.

It may not be perfect, but we humbly think it is the single most promising solution to the root problem of all the issues mentioned above: fiat money.

Bitcoin is the entire opposite of fiat. Instead of monopolistic, Bitcoin is decentralized; instead of authoritarian, Bitcoin is peer-to-peer; instead of unfair, Bitcoin is inclusive.

In addition, Bitcoin represents a form of sound money that defends its function as store of value against any opponent up to the size of a nation state; Bitcoin is designed to defend its function as medium of exchange by resisting any form of censorship and corruption. From that base, Bitcoin is able to make warfare much less affordable by depriving nation states and (central) banks the possibility to just print more money. Bitcoin mining is able to contribute significantly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

There is only one piece missing to make it humanity’s digital money for the 21st Century: global acceptance and adoption.

To bring this change about, to educate with facts, convince with arguments, and build real world solutions, is the mission of orangepeace.

Like the legendary organization sailing under a different color back then, we want to nourish and grow the tiny community of people from all walks of life that are united by this common vision for a better future for us and the generations to come fostering freedom, sustainability, prosperity, and peace.

As Bitcoin’s mainstream media coverage is still mainly misinformed and biased, too many people misjudge and scrap it too early.  Most people do not see Bitcoin’s benefits to society but they really should give it a fair chance – also because we have not much hope in the status quo to self-reform in any meaningful way and in any sufficiently fast rate of change.

If you want to support our mission, join orangepeace. We are a think&do tank and advocacy network to make Bitcoin adoption global within our generation.

stay humble, stack sats.